GISER [Graduates in Integrative Society & Environment Research] is a graduate student organization at Arizona State University dedicated to exploring, enabling, and encouraging integrative, collaborative work that engages with environmental and societal themes.


GISER is entirely student-driven. It’s students who call meetings over coffee, drinks, snacks, or whiteboards to brainstorm ideas and get feedback on projects. It’s students who initiate workshops on skills they want to learn. It’s students who draw on our online resources to plan workshops, find funding, and just hang out with like-minded collaborators. A core team of students moderate the listserv and serve as a sounding and visioning board.

GISER springs from three inspirations...

  • Reimagining creative & integrative practice. In GISER, we explore what it means to do meaningful and substantive interdisciplinary work on an innovative campus. We represent a wide array of students, from all sorts of disciplinary, geographic, and experiential backgrounds. We seek to move beyond interdisciplinary buzzwords in both process & products, and share in this journey with interdisciplinary organizations at ASU and beyond.
  • Fostering a trusting, risk-taking, and playful community where students can grow personally and professionally. The GISER network offers opportunities for students to try new things, work outside their comfort zones, and engage with topics they’re passionate about. We value having a close-knit community of collaborators, and in nurturing personal and professional relationships that extend beyond our time at ASU. We believe that creative and integrative work should be fun, and help students achieve lofty dreams.
  • Bringing ideas to life in service of society & environment. GISER students support students in knowing and changing the world around them. We believe in a spirit of ‘why not?’, in creating and following through on innovative ideas, and in blending academic work and real-world outcomes. We offer financial resources, skilled collaborators, and capacity building to bring student ideas into fruition.