Funding calls are our chance to support groundbreaking & risk-taking collaborative projects that address societal & environmental issues in an integrative way.  Since 2010, GISER has provided seed funding on a competitive basis to allow our members to try new ideas and get these projects off the ground.

 GISER seed funds:

  • Encourage collaborative, innovative, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, integrative society and environment graduate research with particular emphasis on bridging the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, and engineering.
  • Diversify the knowledge, skills, and experiences of ASU GISER students
  • Recognize and support quality graduate student research
  • Leverage financial support for student-led projects, research, or workshops
  • Provide graduate students with experience in developing and reviewing grant proposals

Several funding opportunities of up to $500 are available. Previous and prospective GISER funding recipients are also welcome to make supplementary budget requests of up to $1,500 in additional funding. 

Projects proposed for funding must be collaborative (that is, comprise a team of at least two people). At least one person must be a registered full- or part-time ASU graduate student and GISER member. Collaborators may include community partners, non-ASU students, and others.

Applications are reviewed by a panel of GISER students, including previous awardees. Funding decisions are made within one month from the submission deadline.

*Funding is available by inquiry at this time; the most recent open funding call is provided below for information only.*

Project Funding Opportunity, Eligibility, and Application Guidelines

Fall 2014

-- Applications due 15 October 2014 by 5:00pm --

Through the support of the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, School of Sustainability, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, School of Life Sciences, and Graduate College, GISER has the opportunity to fund several yearlong GISER project groups in Fall 2014.

Several funding opportunities of up to $500 are available. Previous and prospective GISER funding recipients are also welcome to make supplementary budget requests of up to $1,500 in additional funding.

Eligibility Requirements

Projects proposed for funding must be collaborative (that is, comprise a team of at least two people). At least one person must be a registered full- or part-time ASU graduate student and GISER member. Collaborators may include community partners, non-ASU students, and others. 

Proposed projects must be inter- or trans-disciplinary and relate to society and environment work. Projects that bridge arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences are especially encouraged. Cross-school collaborations are also encouraged, as is work that is integrative in nature.   

GISER will consider continued funding support for projects already funded through the GISER funding program. In particular, GISER is interested in supporting projects where the quality or impact of the work can be multiplied substantially by a small amount of additional funding. To apply for continued support, please follow the application guidelines below, emphasizing the particular ways in which the new funding will enhance the existing project. Applications for continued support will be held to the same eligibility and funding evaluation criteria as all other applications. Priority may be given to new applicants.

If you are not already a GISER member, you can join today by subscribing to the GISER listserve and getting involved.

If you have question about your group’s eligibility, please contact the GISER funding representative Drew Eppehimer using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Funding Duration, Budget & Disbursement

GISER funding will be available for research/project use until December 31, 2015. Applications must include a detailed project timeline in their proposal. See application procedures for more information. 

Budgetary guidelines (final determination is up to the review panel)

Allowable expenses:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Publication and presentation charges
  • Conference registration costs
  • Travel including transportation, lodging, and per diem costs for conference, research or project activities. Per diem reimbursement up to $30/person/day with receipts
  • Human subject participation incentives up to $10 per person
  • Undergraduate wages
  • Consultant fees (e.g. transcription services)

Non-allowable expenses:

  • Alcohol
  • Stipend support

Funding disbursement will depend on the budgetary requests and funding source. For example, most travel and research expenses will be reimbursed with receipts after activity is complete. Funding for undergraduate wages and participation incentives may be disbursed as a lump sum upon the award date. Awardees will need to work with GISER funding representatives to determine the most efficient process for their needs; however final decisions on disbursement will be up to the GISER review panel.


All research carried out under the sponsorship of ASU is subject to all of the University’s research policies and procedures. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate compliance with these standards as well as a critical understanding of the ethical implications of the proposed research. For more information on ASU’s Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects), please visit their website. Similarly, all GISER funding is subject to ASU procurement policies and procedures. For specifics please contact the GISER funding representative, Drew Eppehimer, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Final Reports

  • All funded GISER projects are required to present research/project findings/reports at a GISER collaboratory meeting within the funded year;
  • All awardees/team members associated with the GISER funding award should remain actively engaged in GISER activities;
  • Awardees are required to keep GISER informed of research outcomes and products (e.g. conference presentations, manuscripts, funded proposals, courses, videos, websites, etc.);
  • Awardees (at least one from each group) are required to participate in the subsequent funding cycle as a panel reviewer for GISER funding applications.

Application & Review Procedure

1. Applicants should review the eligibility requirements and contact GISER funding representative Drew Eppehimer if they have any questions regarding the funding opportunities, eligibility, application process, etc.

2. Submit items (a), (b), and (c) described below and (d) as option if desired. All items must be submitted as one PDF file and sent to Drew Eppehimer ( by the submission date. Applicants will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of their proposal submission. If this confirmation is not received please call (602) 295-2024 to speak with a GISER representative.

(a) A two-page project/research proposal (not including appended figures and literature cited). One additional page may be appended to the proposal for figures; however, should the authors include figures in-line with the text, the proposal may still not exceed two pages. As many pages as necessary may be appended to the proposal to list literature cited. Proposals must be single-spaced, with 1-inch margins, in 12 point Times New Roman font. Proposals should include:

  • Project description. If you are applying for continued support (i.e. GISER has already supported your project) please outline your progress to date and the reason why continued support is needed. Addressing this latter point is important. 
  • Project goals, objectives, research questions, or hypotheses. 
  • Project approach, methods, and materials as relevant for project type.
  • Expected outcomes and products.
  • Ethical concerns related to the project and how these will be addressed. If the project requires IRB approval, please include this information. If IRB approval will be necessary but has not yet been obtained, please include your plan for obtaining approval.
  • Project timeline.
  • Description of how the proposed project relates to the goals of GISER.

(b) A one-page statement of need, budget and participant list (single-spaced, with 1-inch margins, in 12 point Times New Roman font). This should include:

  • Statement of need (i.e. justification for funding request).
  • Line-item budget. The budget should be as detailed as possible, indicating the total budget of the project, the funding request relative to the total budget, and how the funds requested will be used throughout the year.
  • List of project participant(s). With each participant’s name, please include their affiliation(s) (e.g. School of Sustainability), position (e.g. Graduate Student, Faculty, etc.), expected graduation data (if applicable), a brief (one sentence) description of their academic interests and participation in GISER activities.

(c) A brief acknowledgement of support from each community partner listed as a project participant. This short letter should indicate their willingness to collaborate in the role outlined by the primary applicant(s) in the proposal.

(d) If you are requesting supplemental funds (up to $1,500) please provide an additional one-page statement of need for this supplement and full itemized budget as described in part (b) for the supplemental request. An additional list of project participants is not required for this request. 

3. Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of graduate students. Anyone with a conflict of interest (e.g. an applicant on a proposal) will be required to excuse her/himself from the review of that particular application. Proposals will be reviewed and ranked based upon:

  • Overall strength of research/project proposal as it relates to the seven listed criteria under section (a) above.
  • Clarity of project purpose/objective(s), goals, and expected outcome(s).
  • Clarity of significance of the project and justification for funding.
  • Clear, detailed, and realistic budget and timeframe.
  • Degree of collaboration and interdisciplinary components in the proposed project.
  • The project's potential for engaging with and advancing GISER.

The review panel may choose to provide partial funding of the requested budget in an application. Applications that also include supplemental funding requests may be funded without funding the supplement, or only partially funding the supplement. 

Applicants will be informed of funding decisions within one month from the application deadline.

Questions about GISER funding? 

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