If you are on this page, you probably were awarded GISER project funding. Congratulations! Of course, it’s fine to be here if you are not working on a GISER-funded project -- you'll find useful information about how the expense reimbursement process works.

Here is what you need to know about paying for things with your GISER funds. Read this page carefully and follow all steps. 

Accessing funds is a three-step process 

  1. First, you must fill out all expense report paperwork and attach all receipts as necessary (see below). 
  2. You must then get approval for your claim by the GISER treasurer. The treasurer is not responsible for any of the content in your expense reports, only checks to make sure your claim matches your GISER project award. 
  3. You then must send your claim to our accounts manager at GIOS (Nikol Grant). If you send a request to GIOS without prior or accompanying approval from the GISER treasurer it will not be processed. 

Two ways to get treasury approval and submit expenses (digital vs. paper)

If all your documents are digital (e.g. you have electronic receipts) you can save them as a single PDF and send this to both our accounts manager and treasurer. The treasurer will approve or reject your claim as is appropriate in a response email. Once approved, your claim will be processed by our accounts manager.

If you are submitting paper documents (e.g. paper receipts) you must scan all documents, save them as a single PDF, and email this PDF to the GISER treasurer. The treasurer will approve or reject your claim in a response email that is carbon copied to our accounts manager. Once approved you need to bring all your paper documentation to our accounts manager at GIOS (Wrigley Hall) on the third floor.

Reimbursements vs. cash advances

GISER administers most funding through reimbursements. Some products may be purchased with a purchase card or ordered directly with our account. If you think it makes sense to order with a purchase card or bill our account directly, please contact the GISER treasurer to discuss these options. 

Forms for reimbursement

Below are the forms you will use for reimbursement claims.


For travel claims, you must fill out a Travel Authorization form (TA form) through MyASU Travel prior to your trip. 

For travel within the continental US fill out an electronic Travel Authorization form. 

For travel to Alaska, Hawaii, or another country, fill out a paper Travel Authorization form. This is the “Out-of-State Travel Authorization/Claim Form (For Domestic and Foreign Travel)” available through ASU Financial Services. You fill out and sign the left side of the TA form prior to your trip and the right side once you return.

Please see the SOS travel guide (below) and the MyASU Travel website for more details. 

Personal reimbursements & vendor payments

When claiming reimbursement for materials, foods, or services, follow these steps:

  • Submit required purchase documentation to the business office for processing 
    • Business Meal Form – for all food purchases
      ---  OR --- 
    • Purpose of Purchase (PoP) Form – all purchases, other than food
  • Both forms require justification of the business purpose
  • Provide your original itemized receipt
  • Submit approval emails from the GISER treasurer
  • Include event flyer/invitation, if applicable

The P-Card tips (linked below) provide a summary of some of the basic policies surrounding some of the various expense types. Those policies apply both when you are using a P-Card and when you are claiming for a personal reimbursement or payment to a vendor.

If you are set up with direct deposit for your payroll, your reimbursements will also be processed as direct deposit into that same account. You will receive email notifications when a reimbursement is en route to your account.

If you are not set up with direct deposit, your reimbursements will be routed to SOS in check format. Visit the SOS offices on the third floor of GIOS/Wrigley Hall for more details.

Allowable expenses under the GISER funding program:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Publication and presentation charges
  • Conference registration costs
  • Travel including transportation, lodging, and per diem costs for conference, research or project activities. Per diem reimbursement up to $30/person/day with receipts
  • Human subject participation incentives up to $10 per person
  • Undergraduate wages
  • Consultant fees (e.g. transcription services)

Non-allowable expenses under the GISER funding program:

  • Alcohol
  • Stipend support