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Arizona-SESYNC collaboratory in preparation for "Breaking the Code" (April 29, 2016) -- As a lead-up to the first ever graduate student led workshop sponsored by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), "Breaking the Code: Synthesizing Coding Efforts in Social-Ecological Systems (SES) Research," GISER hosted a group of Arizona State University and University of Arizona students for a collaboratory on current databases, coding systems, and common practices currently in use for meta-analysis in the investigation of social-ecological systems (SES) and common-pool resources (CPRs). We were one of approximately 15 groups meeting at universities around the world with the aim of identifying foundational common elements in the collection and coding of this kind of data. Members of each group subsequently participated in the June 2016 SESYNC workshop to establish longer-term collaborations, leading to more unified approaches, increased access to data, and practical applications.